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  I doubted how on-line parenting information would contribute to the actual parenting processes for a long time when parenting guidebooks already tell you everything about it. You can obtain all kinds of pediatric information from newspapers, parenting magazines and TV. However, these information providers rarely recognize how it is hard to pick up the right information from all the sources as necessary. Besides, it is even harder to use it correctly and efficiently. For example, although you are able to identify the right name of a sickness or illness that your child has, the concerns, treatment and prescription would differ depending on many factors; the age, the period of time that the child has had the sickness, the severity, the medical history, the time when the doctor sees him/her, the date, the seasons, the weather, where you live, who brought the child to the clinic, the numbers of siblings, whether s/he goes to kindergarten, the mothers age and capacity and many more. In other words, the instant information from books and magazines would not help solve the problem because all any kinds of fat manuals are useless when you are struggling with rearing children.

Regardless of the parents' struggles, pediatricians are forced to get through the patients as quickly as possible. It is said "Let patients ramble for at least 5 minutes when you first see them",and "Never tell a patient 'Don't worry.'" However, after 3 minutes when a doctor sees a patient, they say that "don't worry, I'll give you a prescription." How could I not question myself? I have been seeking for a new and different relationship between a doctor and patients.

One day, I came across Dr. Stilton's homepage and decided to succeed to his wills, which he believed that doctors should have a closer relationship with their patients. Dr. Stilton was my senior as a pediatrician; however, he was struck by an illness and passed away soon after he created his homepage. As Dr. Stilton believed, I think that we should leave complicated problems to professionals and should discuss our common problems and questions via email (Raising children is not hard but enjoyable if you have a little bit of advise). You can email me questions that you forgot to ask me, that you could not ask because your in-laws were with you, or questions that seemed ridiculous. I would like to be open to public if questions seem to be helpful to others. I myself would like to learn again things that I did not explain well enough. This is the message site to new mother and father who are involved in raising children. Please refer to the SITE MAP because it is where you can see the structure of this web site. When you send an email to me, please make sure that you have the right email address. Please include your fax number so that I can send you a reply.



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